etsy finds of the week : the love edition.

Of course, I couldn't resist the day before Valentine's Day.

1. Artwork (Screenprint) - Original Limited Edition - Kissing Doll from Caroline Dulko ($28.99), 2. Love Brooch Pin from Mogwaii ($16), and 3. We Carry Each Other - Illustrated Book from Sprout Head ($3)

4. Lovebirds Second Edition Print from Geninne's Art Store ($25), 5. Little Love Earrings from Joanna Rutter ($32), and 6. We Love Mugs from McCheek's Mayhem ($24)

7. Sew in Love Letterpress Card from Chewing the Cud ($4.25), 8. Knot Cloche Hat, Red Red Hearts from Retro Repro Handmade ($59), and 9. hand-stitched valentine folded card from papermode ($3)

10. Lovebirds Cards from Naomi Murrell ($12), 11. Love Kiss 10X8 (horizontal layout) Matte giclee print from original drawing from Samantha Hahn ($25), and 12. Heart Postcup from bailey doesn't bark ($50)

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