accessories & apparel collection : prairie style.

In my opinion, this style is warm-weather perfection. I love the idea of throwing on a flowy sundress and a pair of old lace-up boots and taking a walk along a river or through a charming neighborhood. It is no secret that I am waiting very impatiently for the cold to stop and the coats to come off.

prairie style.

1. Pins and Needles Prairie Dress ($69.99), 2. Prairie Breeze Blouse ($78), 3. Plain & Fancy Dress ($99.95), 4. Washed Leather Slot Through Clutch (£24.50), 5. Colette Powell Two Tone Pocket Dress (£40), 6. Seychelles Lace Up Foldover Boot ($178), 7. Rosa Gallica Scoopneck ($59.95), and 8. Prairie Cloth Dress ($99.95)


  1. La première robe semble très jolie !

  2. Hooray for prairie ruffles :D <3

  3. Wow. I like the third dress A LOT. I'm kind of bummed I just used an Anthro gift certificate!

  4. we pretty much obsess over the same stores. is it pathetic that i recognized most of these pieces?


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