a collection with myself in mind...

because I am an obsessive list-writer.

collections  : list writing.

1. "Get up off your ass and..." to-do list ($6), 2. What To Eat Pad ($7.50), 3. Star Check List ($12), 4. List Pads ($6), 5. Dignified Lists ($32), 6. Delegate Lists ($5), 7. The Painted Faces Printable Collection - Download and Print ($8.50), 8. the long list notepad ($9), 9. Owl To-Do List ($8), and 10. Black Toast 7 Day To Do List (£5)


  1. Oooh, I love this collection. I, too, am an obsessive list maker. There are discarded lists everywhere in my home.

  2. I just received a to do list from a friend for my birthday. I need all of these in order to record everything that needs to be done.

  3. I have that "Things to EAT" list for meal planning, and it is the best!!! Highly recommended. and cute. :)

  4. This is awesome - I just posted the Accomplish pad from Knock Knock on my blog. It is awesome. http://hub.tm/?VHDSJ

    And don't forget your customized life list from up up creative: http://hub.tm/?VYWOL

    So pretty. Yay lists!

  5. FANTASTIC! Thank you!!! Lists are the thing.

  6. omg so am i! and i just posted a few days ago about my compulsive notebook shopping habit!!


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