freebie of the day : a sweet wedding idea.

Ellie of the beautiful blog mint is getting married next month and decided that instead of rice, she would like bird seed thrown at them by their guests (makes more sense than rice, right?) She designed pretty little labels and put together packs of birdseed to give out. What is even nicer about this is that she has shared her labels and directions for making the packets right here. Is anyone getting married soon?


  1. gorgeous idea!
    maybe a flood of beautiful birds will join them at their wedding!

    x from

  2. great idea! And beautiful design, I agree. There won't be rice on the pavé... birds will come and eat that feast left for them!

  3. Great idea for my own wedding in october, thank you !

  4. My husband's cousin is getting married in the next year and she'll adore this idea... thanks!

  5. What a cool idea! I would do it on my wedding next year but birds scare me...


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