apparel & accessories collection : name this style.

What would you call this style? It is actually the style I live in on a day-to-day basis, consisting of clunky brown shoes, oversize sweaters, loose-fitting skirts, knit tights, and somewhat old-fashioned blouses. Maybe Oliver Twist meets librarian?

1. Linen Tweed Cardigan ($558), 2. Lawnside Blouse ($68), 3. Windsor Stretch Grasshoppers ($40.99), 4. Canvas Skirt ($149), 5. Pocket Trapeze Slub Tunic ($15.80), 6. Black cotton touch tights (£14.00), 7. corina peg top trousers (£115.00), and 8. linen long cardigan (£99.00)


  1. i would call is "japanese gamine." i would also call it adorable.

  2. It looks a lot like the way people dress at my work. They are Comfortable Young Librarians. ^_^

  3. ooh. I like the term Japanese Gamine!


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