art collection : hand lettering.

1. Bling by Katie Wilson ($20), 2. Nice to be Nice by Hazel Nicholls (£12.50), 3. I Love You / Je T aime / French Print in Classic Black and White by JJ of The Love Shop ($15), 4. Sea and Sky by Sarah Gardner ($25), 5. Spam One-Liners: Secret Weapon by Linzie Hunter ($34.99), 6. It's not a big deal usually by Samantha Hahn ($25), 7. There is Only Make by Danna Ray ($20), 8. Happy/Joy by Andrew Bannecker (not for sale), 9. Everything is at it seems... by Jen Renninger ($25), 10. No Measure of Health by Heidi Burton ($30), and 11. Holy Cute! by Elsie Flannigan ($32)


  1. Great selections! I especially love #9. I'm a big fan of hand lettering. When I first started Gocco printing, I was awful at using the computer so I made my own hand lettered fonts to avoid it. Now, it's become a big element of my work. I think the queen of this technique is Kate Bingaman-Burt.


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