art collection : it's raining!

We have had a couple really stormy days here a bit different from the usual "the storm that never comes" weather. It got in the way of my plans to garden over the weekend, but oh well. I sort of like the hard rain, especially when cozy inside.

1. Past 12 Months Print by Josh Cochran ($55), 2. Mademoiselle under the rain print by Blanca Gómez ($30), 3. yaaka hula hickey dula print by Matte Stephens ($35), 4. Pear Cloud - Print by Adam Record ($15), 5. Print, Rain by Sandra Juto ($15), 6. Showering Bird Print by Hadley Hutton ($12.50), 7. Umbrella - Handmade Cotton Paper by Rosie Music ($25), 8. Tree Factory by Amy Ruppel ($35, out of stock), 9. Rescuers Print by Betsy Walton ($40), and 10. original art card - today by Heather Smith Jones ($15)


  1. love the collection, we are having the same kind of weather here in texas.


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