a birthday collection : the number two.

the number two : for london.

Can you take a guess at how old my kid turned today?

1. Gilded Number- 2 (£8.00), 2. Decorative Floral Two Rubber Stamp ($8), 3. number two ($15), 4. Gas Station Numbers (£19.95), 5. domicile house number 2 - red ($18), 6. Traffic Sign House Numbers ($120), 7. Mateo Ilasco Clips ($14), 8. Crane & Co Numbered Table Cards ($13), 9. Written Numbers Set Rubber Stamp ($50), 10. Polychromatic Numbers ($12), 11. letterpress stationery card printed on recycled paper - two people ($5), 12. lucky number two ($10), 13. Second Birthday 2nd Number 2 Happy Short Sleeve Toddler Boy Light Blue T-Shirt ($14), 14. Villa House Numbers ($16), and 15. 8x8 Two Pink Birds ($16)


  1. Happy birthday to your little one :D

  2. gorgeous, much better than the one I attempted to do for my 30th recently! xx

  3. i love the type in all of these!!! hope you and your kiddo have a fabulous birthday-day!!!


  4. what a fun roundup! happy birthday to your kiddo.

  5. a fun game for kids is a sort of photo scavenger hunt as you run errands---as in, find things that are circles one day, then green colored the next...then you can put them together in a book that they can use to teach younger siblings or just be so proud that THEY found all the pictures themselves! It gets them to notice and pick things out of their surroundings, as well as keep them occupied :)


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