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I am almost embarrassed about my deep love of office supplies. As long as I can remember, I have gotten excited upon walking into an office supply or stationery store, loving the smell of fresh paper, pencils, rubber stamps, and markers. I cannot really explain it, but it is just this odd sort of love that I have had since I was a child. Nowadays, I try to avoid major office chains and don't get nearly excited inside them as I used to, but I still really enjoy beautiful, quirky, and well-designed writing supplies and desktop accessories.

So yes, here are a ton of them that I have had my eye on. Perhaps someday I will have my own home office that I can fill.

1. Get the Hint Stickies ($6), 2. love tape ($7), 3. Ebony Pigment Ink Stamp Pad ($5.99), 4. Designer Duct Tape ($10), 5. Pencil Cup in Twist ($8.50), 6. Obscenely Important Memo Pad ($7), 7. Self Adhesive Tabs ($2.50), 8. Linear Stem Flip Book ($5), 9. AcmeStudio Eames Chairs Card Case ($34), and 10. DACHSHUND Business Card Holder ($4.50)

11. Orchard Owl Sticky Notes ($8.95), 12. Scriptorium Paperweights ($12), 13. Utility Task Clips ($7.20), 14. Marco Ferreri: Ellice Book Markers (Set of 3) ($150), 15. Wood Stapler ($24), 16. Dual-Tip Marker Set ($29.99), 17. corny raccoon • desktop notepad ($18), 18. Lace Tape ($10), 19. Russell + Hazel Bird Magnet ($15), and 20. Paperweight, Pink Heart ($14)

21. Perpetual Roll Calender (£25), 22. Swivel Calendar Tin with Stackable Holders ($5), 23. Letter Writer's Alliance Address Book ($12), 24. pixel colored pencils ($10), 25. graphic notebook paper ($5), 26. Slingshot Pencil ($9), 27. Diamond Push Pins ($13.95), 28. Cork Backed Desk Clip 4 colors ($10), 29. Break Off Pencils ($3.99), 30. enzo mari perpetual calendar ($160), 31. European Wooden Sharpener, Maple ($5), and 32. Snail Tape Dispenser ($14.99)

33. ASAP/OMFG Totable ($16), 34. birds & nests rubber stamps ($30), 35. classic noel debra organizer ($155), 36. Simple Pink Birds File Folder ($13.95), 37. Cassette Tape Dispenser ($28.95), 38. Thomas Paul Pencil Cup ($6), 39. striped notepad ($12), 40. Veneer Hanging File Folders ($15), 41. Magnetic Paper Clips ($9.99), 42. Monogrammed Sticky Notes ($14), and 43. Enzo Mari: Timor Desk Calendar ($149)


  1. I had to laugh reading that. I am a bit like that. When I was a kid I always spent my pocket money on new pens etc while my sister bought lollies. In Australia we have a lovely shop Kikki K that still sets my heart a flutter...

  2. so many cute things. you prove that things don't have to ugly or lacking style to be office-functional. I especially like the snail tape dispenser. and the omfg totable. ~Sara

  3. Guilt! I totally share in it- I try to keep myself away from The Office on Alberta- but it is near impossible!

  4. I love office supplies too - I just don't like working! The OMFG totable is awesome!

  5. this is pretty much my "dream post" - i LOVE everything on here!!! i'm hopelessly addicted and obsessed with fun/pretty office supplies and stationery. (i even bring in my own from home, to my work office, since they only use boring stuff and i like the fun things. i wonder if i could get away with using the OMFG totable...)
    i've had my eye on that russell + hazel bird magnet for a while now (plus about a hundred other things they offer)

  6. I totally agree. I can't describe why I love going to Staples but I can't deny that just the thought of a visit gets me excited.

    Have you ever heard of this site? http://papiervalise.com/Provisions/provisions.htm

    Not too many office supplies like pens and staples are offered, but they have an excellent selection of stickers, tags and lots of vintage goodies.

  7. I'm exactly the same! I love it all!

  8. great finds! and i am SO the very same way. when i was a kid i used to have my mom bring the office supply catalogues home from her office, then i'd pour through and mark everything i wanted. it was like christmas!


  9. oh my oh my oh my!
    what a great post!! Yes, I think there are many many closet stationery lovers out there, I am certainly one of them!!!

  10. i just love your blog...and we share the same wild obsession for all things office related. i just love paper and folder and sticky notes and list. you gave me a lot of new things to lust after...


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