flickr friday : five senses.

A special Flickr Friday post this week: I have decided to participate in Five Senses Friday (click on the link to find out everyone else who plays along.) If you do it too, just post a link in the comments!

This week, these things have been filling my senses...

flickr friday.
1. Untitled, 2. Rain, 3. well, and pretty little soaps, 4. messy morning baking, 5. coffee for green week, 6. fabulous thrifted vintage, 7. Puttin' on the spritz!, 8. Untitled, 9. fall snack, 10. Untitled, 11. About butterfly and tea, 12. candy blossoms, 13. quilt, 14. yum, 15. her hair is getting so long, 16. saturday bath, 17. Music is love in search of a word., 18. white asparagus soup, 19. Girl, You Cry., 20. pause

Row one, Seeing:
-cherry blossoms blooming all over Portland. This afternoon when we drove over the Burnside Bridge, I was in complete awe of the amount of pink lining the riverfront.
-deep, dark rain clouds. It seems like ever since spring officially began, it has been gloomy and wet every single day.
-beautiful treasures inside even more gorgeous antique/home shops.
-my messy, messy house. I really need to get it all back together.

Row two, Smelling:
-coffee brewing. I have been going through so much coffee this week, but oh, how can I resist that smell?
-that certain thrift store smell. I sort of love it, especially when it comes to vintage linens and aprons.
-one of my favorite perfumes, which I am almost out of. And yes, it's true, I usually always smell of baked goods.
-peppermint soap. It makes my skin all tingly and the bathroom smell like a candy store.

Row three, Tasting:
-the best ever pumpkin bread, purchased at Bakery Bar this afternoon. It was covered in cream cheese icing and was absolute perfection.
-bagels. They have been my breakfast three times this week. Sundried tomato ones are my favorite.
-black tea with honey & cream. Other than coffee, it's really all I drink.
-candy, especially licorice. I bought a huge tub and cannot stop eating it.

Row four, Touching:
-my new (old) vintage quilt, recently purchased at an estate sale. It is so comfortable and makes it even harder to get out of bed in the morning.
-frosting on my fingers. Easily one of my favorite feelings (especially when followed by licking it off.)
-baby hair. Having it pressed up against my cheeks is especially nice.
-hot baths. I take one almost every night, or at least just soak my feet. It soothes my muscles and gives me much needed alone time with my magazines and notebook.

Row five, Hearing:
-a whole lot of music. This week it had mainly been the Once soundtrack, Belle & Sebastian, Lily Allen, and Kimya Dawson.
-the clatter and chatter of restaurants.
-a crying child. Our youngest is just about to hit two and he knows how to show it. Definitely not my favorite age.
-the quiet of the house at night. I cannot even describe how much I appreciate it.


  1. So good!
    Thanks for playing :)
    I have to admit, I really love Once the movie and soundtrack....so good. Makes me want to cry!
    See you Sunday.

  2. came via abby's blog ..

    loved your list!

    the cherry blossoms everywhere just amaze me each year. it's like they pop up from thin air.

  3. my daughter and i were just listening to lily allen. great choice.


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