light my fire : a candlestick collection.

One of Design is Mine's readers, Honora of by its own design, recently emailed me asking if I would be willing to help her out with finding some pretty candlesticks, since they were the only thing she didn't get when married last spring. Since I love putting together collections, I happily agreed. Truthfully, I have never thought much of candlesticks (we have never really lit many candles in our home, other then cheesy dollar store glass jar ones), but I found that there are quite beautiful and unique ones out there. Here you go, Honora!

1. Loop Candle Holder ($28), 2. Groove - Holmegaard ($45), 3. Candlebox (price unknown), 4. Incanto White Medium Sq. Footed Candleholder ($137), 5. Bird in Wonderland Candlestick ($45), 6. Muehling candlestick #214 ($1,150), 7. Rococo Candlestick ($1,730), 8. Wooden Turned Wood Candle Holder (£7.95), and 9. Billie Candleholder ($48)

10. Claw Candlesticks ($62-$108), 11. CandlestickMaker ($35), 12. Wooden Candle Holder ($56), 13. Wire Spun Tapers ($24-$36), 14. Wooden Carved Candlestick (£40), 15. Alessi Floor Candlestick ($172), 16. "Enchanted Forest" candlesticks, set of 2 ($310.70), and 17. SOLDIER Candle Holder ($30)

18. Gothic Candle Holder Medium ($87.50), 19. RÖNÅS Candlestick ($7.99), 20. Blomus - Easy Candlestick ($35), 21. Little Joseph Candle Holder ($115), 22. Vesuvius candlestick short (glazed) ($300), 23. Lenox Simply Fine "Chirp" Cylinder Bud Vase/Taper Holder, 7" ($58), 24. Golden Candleholders Set of 2 ($15.49), 25. Candlestick Glass Jadeite ($39.95), and 26. Analiese Taper Holder, Yellow ($24)


  1. Just a quick note to say that I have just come across your blog and I am super excited, loving what I see so far!!

    Love the fresh look and the great images in your posts.

    I shall be adding you to my reader so I don't miss a thing! :)

  2. #17 (army guy) I think it was #17...is totally up my dad's alley, because he was in the army. How funny.

  3. I spotted the baby head candles awhile ago and was alternately creeped out and intrigued by them. Today I think I want one!

  4. I love the blog. I especially like how you pull these out into a mosaic. Very cool!


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