ten images of inspiration : by the seaside.

After spending an afternoon at a beach along the Columbia River over the weekend, and seeing Abby's gorgeous beach photographs, my mind is on the sea. I don't think I have ever mentioned it on here before, but I spent a large portion of my life (ten years to be exact) living on the sand in a beach house. All I could usually hear at night when going to sleep was the sound of crashing waves. The ocean still feels like comfort to me- I can't wait to take random drives to the Oregon and Washington coast this summer.

Sources (from top to bottom): Sarah Hermans, Josephine Schiele, Alicia Bock, Erica Shires, Anton Renborg, Jenny Zarins, Wynona Robison, Feaverish Photography, Emma Freemantle, and Cig Harvey.


  1. Oh my goodness, the second to bottom picture must be Brighton in England. I recognise the brave grimace on the model's face. I used to model swimwear and the timing of new collections dictated that we freeze on beaches in January for editorial in June.
    Lovely set of pictures, a great start to my morning.

  2. I love this whole post. I usually bookmark a few of your posts every few days but today I've saved atleast four. I recently read an article about Portland. Sounds like a great, creative place. I love reading your blog. Sorry I haven't commented before x


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