ten images of inspiration : farm life.

Good Monday morning/afternoon everyone! We're experiencing our second day of gorgeous weather here in Portland and do you know what I'm thinking about? Being on a farm somewhere here in the northwest. As much as I adore the city and feel like I need to be near it, I am also such a country girl at heart. Today would just be one of those perfect days that I would love to be setting a pie out on the windowsill, picking veggies, and falling asleep on the grass in the middle of nowhere. Instead, though, I will just look at these stunning photographs and daydream.

Sources (from top to bottom): Alicia J. Rose, Tara Donne, Ngoc Minh Ngo, Teen Vogue, Lara Ferroni, Mikkel Vang, Miha Matei, Sara Remington, Jason Loucas, and Debi Treloar.


  1. We are having the same gorgeous weather in Seattle, I love it. Everyone is outside soaking up the sun. Hope it continues through the week!

  2. What a peaceful grouping of pictures!

  3. What a beautiful collection of photos! There's nothing better than digging in the dirt.


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