ten images of inspiration : lovely packaging.

For the past month or so, I have been quite obsessed with the blog Lovely Package. One of my favorite forms of graphic art is package design, and the folks behind the blog really have an eye for collecting the best of it. Would I purchase any of these products just for the beautiful packaging? You betcha.

All of the following images/businesses/designers were found via Lovely Package. Enjoy!

Designers/sources (from top to bottom): David Fung, Peter Gregson, Paprika, Packaging: UQAM, Tithi Kutchamuch, Swear Words, Megan Cummins, Peter Urban, Hattomonkey, and Packaging: UQAM.


  1. This is interesting. I just posted something on my blog (that I found from Daisy Janie's blog) about how you could design your own Kleenex boxes. Sometimes, packaging is so dull, it really is nice when mfg's jazz it up!

  2. i think i'm in love!

  3. those first milk cartons are brillian! love the little drop idea. would definitely overpay for that one. without a second thought.

  4. Fantastic research about food packaging! I love it! ANd I love a lot your blog, still in my blogroll :)


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