apparel collection : lovely linen.

I think that if I had the means to buy myself a new summertime wardrobe, everything would be made of linen. I frequently dream of being barefoot in crisp linen dresses in the warm country or the seaside.

1. Party Dress (£168.00), 2. ruffle bib drawstring onesie ($58), 3. Corridors & Passageways Jacket ($128), 4. Grey Linen Belted Dress (£45.00), 5. Linen Kaftan Dress (£76.00), 6. Wrap n Gathered Tie Dress (£158.00), 7. two tone linen pocket button skirt ($31.10), and 8. Linen Drawstring Dress ($190)


  1. lovely collection of pretty clothes you put together! i would happily make these my wardrobe all summer :)

  2. love love love 4, 6 and 8!!!
    great finds, beautiful choice.
    thank you!


  3. I wish I was skinnier so I could wear and of those and look gorgeous in it.

    Motivation to work out more!

  4. I want all of these!! Have a great Wednesday!! xx


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