apparel collection : ultra-cute children's clothing.

While browsing through adorable little girl's dresses at Grasshopper yesterday, I realized that I really don't post enough children's clothing collections here, which is funny since I have two kids of my own and am constantly checking out well-designed, cute kid's apparel. True, it's rare that I purchase any (my boys are usually clad in thrift store finds and hand-me-downs), but I still truly love the large amount of really good looking options for children out there these days.

1. Reversible Baby Dress - Blue Floral to Blue Dots ($47), 2. Misha Lulu Old School tee ($36), 3. Drawstring Pants ($64), 4. Mini Boat Pyjamas (£16), 5. lamb jacket ($36), 6. Horse + Pony Tee ($26), 7. Lucky Jade Balloon Cotton Cashmere Hoodie Sweater in Brown ($80), and 8. Cirkus Summer Dress Yellow ($39)


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