etsy finds of the week.

1. KIT - Make your own Cup Cozy from byrd & belle ($8), 2. A Day in May Letterpress, Homemade Cookbook Kit printed in red and orange inks from Full Circle Press ($45), and 3. Dove with cobalt wing from Krystal Speck ($18)

4. Grey Dress-Never say goodbye to paper airplane-S/M/L from ZoeChen ($38), 5. smoking fox mug from Genevieve Dionne ($25), and 6. Original 6x8 Paper Collage - Dots from Made By Anna ($12)

7. Upcycled Blue Vintage Key Pendant from Popkraft ($15), 8. That Thursday Evening - Art Print from Dr. Kennedy Jones ($15), and 9. Versalles Cuff - Extensible from Anna Fabo ($49)


  1. Wow I love the Kit from Byrd and Belle. So could. Nice finds!

  2. Love the key necklace. Now wondering if I can do something similar with some old keys I have (sounds like a good activity for a rainy day!)

  3. Love the recipe book. I am looking to do one for my family at Christmas, so great inspiration.

  4. Such a lovelly blog !!!



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