flickr photo of the day : sunlight.

Untitled by iliveinoctober.


  1. this is beautiful, i could write a story around it!

  2. Nice photo...
    I love her dress color :)

  3. love the photo. it is raining here, so i am longing for the sun too.

  4. This is probably the wrong place to write all this, feel free to delete for whatever reason.

    I have this truck in my room that was most likely my grandparents when they traveled. Its probably about 50 years old, but I could be way off.
    Its simple, black with brass
    details and a flat top. I use it as a night stand and for storage. Recently I decided I would paint and decopage the inside.

    Inside Im going to use some of the "thoughts" you post. I have a folder of my favorites ready to be printed out.

    Thanks for posting so many cute things.

  5. Oh man, I dunno, but this image stirs up sad emotions in me. Odd. Still, gorgeous light.


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