mouth-watering treats.

This has little to do with design (other than the fact that the desserts are mighty nice to look at), but I must say that I am so very obsessed with all that is Nigella Lawson at the moment. She's an amazing writer, very sexy (and looks like she actually eats her food), and goodness, her recipes are absolutely heavenly. I guess, after having a slice of homemade apple pie for breakfast, I just have food on the brain today.

Recipes for the food shown above: Honey Chocolate Cake, Blackberry Galette, Autumnal Birthday Cake, and Banana Bread.


  1. That chocolate honey cake looks SO good!

  2. That blackberry galette looks amazing! I'm always partial to chefs that look like they eat the food they make. I'm always a little suspicious of skinny model-ish chefs... I know that sounds kind of judgmental... perhaps they're just naturally that way and I shouldn't think anything of it. I hope you're having a great weekend, Summer :o) Enjoy the sunshine! Your design blog is my favorite one out there. It's the only one you've on my feed reader subscription. I know got everything covered and I love your style!!

  3. I'm a recently converted fan of Nigella myself. Love her recipes, her writing, and the personality/energy that she exudes. Also, love homemade pie for breakfast!


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