etsy finds of the week.

1. Keep Calm And Carry On Porcelain Tile - Coaster - Plaque - Pink from Raquel Masri ($24), 2. Sofi and the fish Print 6x8 from Holli ($10), and 3. Galapagos Pouch from LaTouchables ($29)

4. Soft French Lace Bag from Tortilla Girl ($58), 5. Red Orange Zinnia original watercolor painting 4x6 inches from Karen Faulkner ($15), and 6. The Brandenburg from Little Houses Clothing ($165)

7. Rainy Days - small city from Meyer-Lavigne ($34), 8. A Perfect Match - Matchbox Necklace Silver Edition from Yellowgoat ($175), and 9. My Favorite Things from Claudia Pearson ($20)


  1. My little sister would go nuts for the perfect match necklace!

    Loved all your finds :D

  2. Thank you for including my perfect match necklace. ;D You're awesome! xoxo

  3. Perfect Match necklace is co clever. And I love the zipper pouch!

  4. Oooh! Thanks for the introduction to the Brandenburg by Littlehouses... a new-to-me etsy shop to love!

  5. Thanks for including my watercolor zinnia! Glad to have found your blog.

  6. What a beautiful selection! I love the bag from TortillaGirl, very pretty!


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