illustration collection : bathing beauties.

Wouldn't you just love to go for a swim today?

1. Night Swim by Lisa Golightly ($20), 2. swimmer gocco print by Kate Pugsley ($20), 3. The Swimmer Print by Iris Schwarz ($20), 4. A Swimming Day for Us by Kate Endle ($175, currently out of stock), 5. Return by Nikki McClure ($9). 6. heather - original oil painting by Amanda Blake ($100), 7. The Comfort of Routine by Aimee Sicuro ($22), and 8. Floating Lessons Magenta and Chocolate by Sofia Arnold ($15)


  1. These are so cute. This sure would put me in a fun, summery mood if they were hanging on the wall.

  2. Today was so blazing hot I would've loved to dip my feet in some cool water for sure! Those two little whales make me smile :)

  3. Hey! Thanks for including my whale collage. Thanks Blue is Bleu for mentioning it, too. COOL Site! Happy to have discovered it.


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