collections : the art of calligraphy.

I admit, I have been a bit obsessed with it lately. After posting about the work of Cynthia Warren and Bryn Chernoff, I've been going through my bookmarks and rediscovering the works of other calligraphers. Oh yes, I am smitten as can be.

1. Love, Jenna, 2. Betsy Dunlap, 3. Linea Carta, 4. Laura Hooper, 5. Emily Gallardo, 6. Silvia Cordero Vega, 7. Gentle People, 8. Bluebird Studios, 9. Crystal Kluge, 10. Tara Jones, and 11. May+Belle


  1. what a great round up! I love Tara Jones... she did the lovely calligraphy for my header!

  2. Gosh I love calligraphy! What a wonderful roundup!

  3. the bluebird studios one is just adorable!


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