art collection : a little bit spooky.

I woke up with a major Halloween bug. Be on the lookout for many more spooky-themed posts for the remainder of the month. I'm a little kid at heart.

1. surely i don't exist if you can't see me... by Olivia Jeffries ($17.50), 2. Wisdom Seekers by Aimee Sicuro ($22), 3. There'll Be Murder There To-night by Brooke Woolley ($40), 4. Halloween Lanterns by Julianna Swaney ($4.50), 5. of course she drank the poision. by Caitlin Shearer ($9), 6. Trick or Eat - Print by Adam Record ($25), 7. A Girl With an Owl Mask by Lisa Golightly ($20), and 8. Aurelia - Articulated witch paper doll set with 10 silver brads by Amy Earles ($12)


  1. Spooky Spoooky!!

    I have to say my favourite is number 4.
    So cute.

    Looking forward to all your upcoming Halloween posts.

    Fee x

  2. I love halloween. This is a fabulous collection.

  3. thanks for including my little owl girl!

  4. I just recently bought some pieces from Olivia Jeffries and then did a blog post about her art. Love her stuff. And it definitely is both beautiful and creepy!


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