off to the ballet!

Oh, how I love ballet slippers, especially when paired with some fabulous tights (and who wouldn't want to look this adorable?)

1. VIBRANT Ballet Pump ($30), 2. VERDICT Square Toe Ballerina ($40), 3. Report Ilana ($60), 4. Nine West Lucasta ($54.99), 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs 694157 ($195), 6. Velvet banana flats (£175), 7. Nailah (AUD $89), 8. Rogue Ballerina Flats ($88), 9. Breckelle's Jane03 Flats ($14.99), 10. Silver Metallic Stud Bow Pump (£25), 11. Logo charm banana flats (£220), and 12. Quilted Cap Toe Flats ($16.80)


  1. Yum! These are delicious. Only wish I could wear them all year round... Snow isn't so friendly on ballet flats.

  2. I'm a fan of ballet slippers...

  3. Hello! Couldn't resist to comment: I love ballet shoes lately and these are so cute! (Particularly number 8...)

    However I think there's nothing better than "the real thing", real ballet and dance shoes to wear everyday (even if you can't dance - like me!). For me the top is Repetto - Paris.
    You probably know them already but come and have a look to my recent blog post about them!

    You're all invited!
    Ciao from Italy!

  4. I love them all.
    Really nice blog. theprincesscrocodile.blogspot.com


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