ten images of inspiration : from the pages of a magazine.

There are few places I find more inspiration than within the pages of a glossy magazine. Sadly, we are living in a time when it seems like all the best ones just keep folding (Domino, Gourmet, etc.), and I am fearful for the day when they will be just a thing of the past. But for now I will cherish each new issue of the good ones still on the stands.

Sources (from top to bottom): Martyn Thompson, Teen Vogue, Tara Donne, Lula Magazine, Roland Bello, Tim Walker, Rebecca Thuss, Stacey Mark, Johnny Miller, and Vogue Italia.


  1. I miss Domino magazine all the time! Thank you for sharing these great spreads!

  2. lovely! I remember that teen vogue spread shot in Venice...so beautiful!

  3. Great finds and inspirations! I absolutely must check the artists' portfolios, I'm sure there's more inspiration ahead!

  4. So inspirational! I definitely agree about the moving away from the written word/photograph in a magazine. I work with ReadyMade magazine. They have great diy ideas
    on their site, but it can't replace holding the magazine in my hands and taking my time enjoying it.

  5. i definitely agree! the folding of domino was a hugeee disappointment. However, there are a lot of other pretty magazines that offers pretty inspirations. thank you for this little reminder :)


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