apparel & accessories collection : big florals.

I really love the idea of floral patterns in the fall and winter. Little pops of springtime when you really need them- when it is too cold and the trees are bare.

1. Coral Floral Tee (£20), 2. Gardenia Bib Necklace ($198), 3. fae blossom gray sweater cardigan ($49.99), 4. 1980s Half Sleeve Printed Floral Top (€34), 5. Glimmering Magnolia Dress ($198), 6. chocolate marmalade sweater dress ($49.99), 7. Women's Tinted Rose Silk Organza Pleated Skirt (£469), and 8. Winter Clematis Print Handbag ($518)


  1. Gorgeous selection! Typical that I fall for the most expensive thing pictured! x

  2. I tend to agree! I know the colors you wear are supposed to change with the seasons, but I think that's bull, honestly. When do you need bright colors and florals more than in the depth of winter, honestly?

  3. Oh, I definitely feel like wearing number 6 today.

  4. I want that floral tee.
    Its just gorgeous, and unlike anything I normally wear!


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