apparel & accessories collection : simple classics.

I always come back to them...

1. tweed neat jacket (£175), 2. Mariah T Bar Pumps ($55), 3. Honey Butter Skirt ($188), 4. Women's Fall Reverse Seam ($158), 5. Ornate Oval Locket Necklace ($5.80), 6. Risky Business Dress ($240), 7. Knitted Striped Cardigan ($65), and 8. Quilted Poppy Fields Lilia ($325)


  1. I love that cardigan and dotted blouse. The classics are always a favorite :) They are for a reason!

  2. The quilted Kate Spade bag is fabulous! I've noticed a lot of designers are working with nylon (often it looks a little "Michelin man- eqsue") I've never seen it used so well!

  3. This is just the most perfect fall outfit i would ever imagine !


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