collections : in with the old.

I love little vintage treasures more than I can say (our whole home is filled with them.) And to me, their beauty, age, and uniqueness makes them the perfect gifts.

1. 50s Gothic Crayons (£4.00), 2. 1949 Replogle Black Oceans Globe - V Base (£985), 3. Vintage Enamel Number ($15), 4. assorted tins ($55), 5. Vintage 4-5-6 Pick Up Sticks ($18), 6. Printers' Blocks (£4.00), 7. Porcelain 50´s Cat ($15), and 8. Cash Register Price Flags ($8)


  1. oooh nice globe! I have a collection & keep meaning to post a pic on my blog, watch this space...

  2. love little collections like these. the "home" stamps would make such a sweet housewarming gift!


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