apparel & accessories collection : masculin/féminin.

In my opinion, there are few things more classic and stylish than a woman in masculine pieces (with little bits of femininity mixed in)...

1. Vintage Brown Knit Waistcoat (€28), 2. Boyfriend Cardigan ($148), 3. 40s Taupe Mesh Oxfords Size 7.5 ($43), 4. Big and Small Stripe Shirt ($55), 5. Inverted Pleat Trousers (£165), 6. Schoolboy Blazer ($128), 7. Simple Striped Shirt ($19.90), and 8. Tan Buckle Satchel (£15)


  1. I love this tan buckle satchel [no.8]

    Have some thing very similar that I got last year as a gift and have worn it to death!

  2. Mmmm I love boyfriend cardigans!!! I have been looking for a tan satchel and I just LOVE this one! Thanks for shopping for me;)


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