collections : j'aime des lapins!

This collection goes out to one of my dearest of friends, who appreciates bunnies more than anyone I have known. And I just can't disagree on their cuteness...

1. Gift Print ($40), 2. Bunny Tea Set for Two by Shinzi Katoh ($39.99, currently sold out), 3. Bunny Hop Necklace ($34.99), 4. Grand Game Wallpaper ($88), 5. rabbit lamp ($486), 6. Fifi Lapin Raglan Tee ($18.90), 7. Bunny Love Clutch (Storybook Tales) (SGD$68), and 8. Hank And the Hare Print ($16)


  1. haha She really does love her bunnies, don't she?

  2. I really, really do :) Thanks Summer!

  3. #2 cracking me up so hard. #5 black bunny lamp: looks like the bun is wearing a black minimalist haute couture hat... love it...!


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