hello, portland.

And so, I am back home. Our plane came in late last night and as much as it was nice seeing all my family, I am happy to be in the city I love most (even with all of its winter dreariness.) Now it is just time to get settled back in and deal with the toy explosion of Christmas.

Speaking of Portland, I am so happy to see that my friend Abby has a brand new project where she shares, in photographs and words, her favorite spots in the city, which can be found right here. I am so excited to see which gems she continues to include.

I hope your early 2010 days are going well!


  1. Mmm portland. Mmm cupcakes. Happy New Year!

  2. man, cupcakes get people every time!
    thanks for posting this, summer :)
    welcome home-let's hang out soon!

  3. I just love flying into portland, even after a lovely vacation. And especially when its rainy and gray!

    Great photos :)


  4. These photographs are amazing!


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