monday morning music : the heart of winter.

Good morning/afternoon, friends! I hope all of you had a lovely weekend. Mine was pretty darn nice, although I seemed to have misplaced my voice somewhere along the line, leaving me with a bad case of laryngitis. I'm hoping with some vocal rest and plenty of warm honey & lemon, I'll sound more like myself and less like an 80-year-old heavy smoker. Wish me luck!

Anyways, this morning's Monday Morning Music selection is by the Kings of Convenience, one of the prettiest bands I know. This song always reminds me of driving through the Pacific Northwest back when I first fell in love with it so many years ago. Plus, the song and video are just so perfect for winter...


  1. I love Kings of Convenience. I just discovered them (at a friend's suggestion) last year and they are perfect for quiet days. Almost like a modern-day Simon and Garfunkel.

  2. Love this song. Perfect for a lazy winter day!

  3. mm *love* them. good call summer!


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