apparel & accessories collection : cats and dogs.

This post is brought to you by my almost-5-year-old son. I was lacking inspiration about what to post and he eagerly said, "How about cats and dogs, Mum?" I just couldn't say no, and he was even insistent upon helping me choose all the products. I admit, he is totally proud of this one.

1. All Over Dog Beanie Hat ($24), 2. White Cat Print T-Shirt, Charles Anastase (£145), 3. Tote-ally Feline Tired Bag ($29.99), 4. Knitted dog merino sweater dress ($330), 5. ANIMAL FARM necklace - Inquisitive Dog-gies ($28), 6. Switching Gears Tote ($39.99), 7. Aye, Aye, Cat-ptain! Tee ($29.99), and 8. Blue the Dachshund Necklace ($12.99, currently out-of-stock)


  1. That is an adorable story, and these are great picks! Your son did a good job helping!

  2. awww these are sooo cute! i love the hat!

  3. I really love your blog and check it daily ...
    and I always wonder if you are english?
    this is because I notice you use "mum" instead of
    I am english by the way and quite nosey.

  4. Blogging is weird in that it connects you to people all over the world, but can isolate you from closest friends and family. My family... not so into the blogging thing.

    So- it is unbelievably cool that your son is excited to help his mom, and that you let him participate! Plus, he did a great job- love that doggie necklace!

  5. thanks everyone!

    rachel: nope, not english! i have just always thought "mum" sounds cuter than "mom" so that's just what we taught both our kids. plus, my husband is a major anglophile (he's a british history major), so not only do our kids say mum, but they both have english names: london & riley.

    elizabeth- luckily, almost all my closest friends are bloggers, along with close members of my family, so i lucked out on that. let's see if my sons follow in our footsteps!

  6. aw that's too cute! i love it all!

    xo tiffany


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