elisabeth's home tours.

I am a huge fan of the blog fine little day, which depicts mom/artist Elisabeth Dunker's home life in Sweden. Every once in awhile, though, Elisabeth steps into a friend's home with her camera and takes a series of photographs, showing us the perfect little details of dreamy Scandinavian interiors. She recently photographed Maria Kristofersson's space, which made me want to go through her past home tours all over again. That lady definitely has a great eye.

*Tours featured above: Camilla Engman, Lisa Gerinder, Marianne Hallberg, ├ůsa, Anders & Lilly, and Maria Kristofersson.

(See more of Elisabeth's work here and here.)


  1. I agree, simple, honest, real photography. She has a lovely way of making you see so much with very few words.

  2. I love the second diptych: The shade-less wire lampshade is very witty, and I love the teacup on the wall.

  3. I'm dreaming about moving from my very little apartment. Now I've seen this home tour, it's worse!

  4. wowww. i love the could on the wall, and the rainbow on the shelf. are those tea containers? lovely space!


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