monday morning music : heaven knows.

Good morning, dear readers. I hope you all enjoyed a fun-filled weekend. I spent time with lovely people, woke up bright and early to get a hold of gorgeous Liberty of London for Target products (ladies were crazy there!), and played a final show in my Kanye West acoustic cover band (a project I don't think I have ever mentioned on here.) All-in-all, yet another great weekend. Now I face the new week with a wretched headache and grumpy disposition- let's hope it gets better from here.

Today's Monday Morning Music is from one of my favorite bands of all time, The Smiths. Because few bands can put me in a better mood on a Monday, plus young Morrissey is so pleasant to look at.


  1. that was so awkward! i have seen moz in concert for his last three us tours and i am not used to him looking so skinny, so pompadoured, and so...pastey? writing this, i realize it has been 13 years that i have loved his music. wow.

  2. this song gets played quite a lot at home, but got a new lease of love from me since my middle son asked for "the song about Kevin". Can't hear it now except as "Kevin knows I"m miserable now"..

  3. I used to listen to a lot of Smiths, though I'd never thought of it as music to put me in a good mood...but that video did bring a smile to my face, and thanks to Mog I will have 'Kevin knows..." stuck in my head.

  4. totally agree..
    that's why so many photographers say that mozz is so photogenic..
    and yeah the smiths really knows how to cheer you up.

    sorry my english is so bad
    greeting from argentina ^^


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