monday morning music : mykonos.

Good morning! I must admit, I'm rather sad that the weekend is over. We experienced a couple of gorgeous springtime days here and now it looks like it's going to be a cold week ahead. Thankfully, I spent a the past two days completely out of the house, enjoying visits to my favorite cupcake shop and walks to different parks. I also had band practice last night instead of watching the Oscars, but I did do a quick catch-up on the fashion (I think Carey Mulligan wins best dressed.) How was your weekend?

Today's music selection comes from Fleet Foxes, who I just cannot seem to get enough of lately. Their songs are just so peaceful and layered with harmonies, perfect for the late winter/early spring...


  1. that song is amazing. Thanks for sharing and you are right it is the perfect early spring/late winter type of song!

    My weekend was quiet and cosy, yours sounded amazing :)


  2. *sigh* Fleet Foxes is the best.

  3. I feel like Fleet Foxes are stuck in my head about 40% of the time :)

  4. I truly adore your monday morning music. This song is just lovely.


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