monday morning music : my love.

Good morning! Did you all have a lovely weekend? Yesterday was a perfect day for me. I made pesto potato salad, homemade hamburger buns, and rhubarb upside-down cake, my husband grilled some veggie burgers and asparagus, and a dear friend brought over fresh-made sangria. We laid big blankets on the grass, listened to good music, and ate a feast on our lawn with our best friends while the kids ran around. Really, barbeque season is the best.

Now I shall start the week with music by one of my favorite newer bands (whom I have mentioned quite a few times), The Bird and the Bee. I frequently go through phases when I listen to them continuously (and dance like crazy.) Happy start-of-the-week everyone!

The Bird and The Bee "My Love"
- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.


  1. Oh wow that salad looks amazing. Plus Sangria...mmmm I adore!

  2. Thanks for sharing The Bird & The Bee.....great discovery! x

  3. The Bird & The Bee -one of my favorite bands!

    got to see them live last year and they didn't disapoint! so happy to see them here...

  4. That video is really cute (the balloons! The colours! The white nails!) and the song is really pretty good too. Thanks for making my morning!


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