collections : made in portland, part one.

Portland Week continues with some fabulous treasures created right here in town. If you live here, be sure to support your local creators- they're the best.

1. Cowboy ($45), 2. Mason Jar Pendant Light ($108), 3. heart wreath // feather duo ($7), 4. Sleepy Little Fox Necklace ($32), 5. Wallet 2 ($20), 6. Eena Tote ($48), 7. Imagination Poster ($25), and 8. push pins 07 ($10)


  1. Beautiful stuff, yet again!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Beautiful. Especially loving the black and white earrings.

    I always wonder - how come so many artisans are from Portland? What's their that makes this place so creative?
    Never been there, so would love to 'hear' more.

  3. lovelovelove those pushpins

  4. Summer,
    This is great! I'm so excited for part two. What a fantastic series.

    Galit... I think it's because Portland supports their artists. People here have a culture of buying handmade or local and feel it's important.

    I am so proud of Portland and her artists. I couldn't love it here more. The people here are really amazing and insanely nice.

  5. Lisa- I totally agree. People here are so supportive of local artists- many folks would much rather give their money to independent businesses than corporate chain stores.

    also, silly as it is, i think the weather has something to do with it. i have realized that when you spend a lot of time inside from the rain, you tend to create more.

  6. Betsy Walton's work is lovely! And she is as charming as her prints! Thanks for sharing these great finds.


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