collections : made in portland, part three.

And that's the end of them. Sadly, I missed a whole lot of Portland designers/artists, but many shall be included in future collections.

1. Animal Friends Elephant Box Set (price unknown), 2. love house ($16), 3. Billy Goat print 5x7 ($10), 4. Castle - Navy ($150), 5. The Silver Wing Starlet earrings ($29), 6. bird school coaster ($6), 7. Organic Cotton Jumper ($98), and 8. Cupcake Cannibalism Tote Bag ($10)


  1. just wanted to stop by and say "thanks" for providing such awesome inspiration on your site!

  2. I love this little Portland series you've been doing! There's so much talent/places to visit here. Thanks for including our little love house in the collection :)

  3. ive loved the portland series!

    i just moved to the area and have enjoyed being introduced to the local artists. (although some im already familiar with-that billy goat print is on display in my living room.)

  4. i have a bridge & burn coat like the one you featured. it is awesome, especially for the Pacific NOrthwest springs.


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