apparel & accessories collection : bookish.

In my opinion (as well as many others I know), there are few things more attractive than the sexy librarian look. Cardigans, pencil skirts, soft blouses, and glasses- because smart is sexy.

1. About the Author Dress in Grey ($52.99), 2. Two Hues Readers ($28), 3. Leather Buckle Detail Satchel ($90), 4. Lula's Petal Blouse (£95), 5. Day Spring Care Skirt ($113.85), 6. Nora Tie Top ($148), 7. 40s Black Leather Spectator Oxfords Size 8 - 8.5 ($50), and 8. Black Mini Pocket Grandad Cardigan ($178.20)


  1. Such sweet picks! I always look forward to your collections :)

  2. Ah, I love this selection. It goes rather well with the spring/summer clothes and colors (well, if you count grey as a color) that I chose for this season's wardrobe. Really lovely.

  3. Ahhhh, wool and silk has never been so inviting. Have you seen this collection over at Anthropologie? It reminds me of sexy librarian chic.


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