decorated france.

When illustrator Camilla Engman was vacationing in France earlier this month, she took these photos of a town preparing for a party. Aren't they beautiful? I would be quite happy if cities in America did something like this.


  1. Lovely photos and thank you for letting me find her blog!
    (But she was in Spain, not France according to her blog?)

  2. I'm sorry, I was a bit to quick there! The post after was Spain. Beautiful anyhow.

  3. Millie of the ValleyAugust 4, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    Some parts of Mexico do the same thing. The town closest to where my family live they decorate their streets the same way. It's wonderful to see the time taken to decorate the not so pretty streets of Mexico.

  4. So lovely! I just got back from Europe, these photos remind me of the strings of lights hung in so many streets!

  5. So many cultures decorate their environments in vibrant colours. How it lifts the spirits and energizes.


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