the typographer.

Once again I am terribly in love with another one of Bianca Gomez's new illustrations. That girl knows how to win my heart, really she does.


  1. Ughh darling. I was looking at her site and her city illustrations are precious! She has done London, Paris, and New York. London was my favorite with the raindrop and red double-decker bus: http://www.cosasminimas.com/index.php?/project/illustrated-cities/

  2. toooo cute! And btw, I LOVE your blog and have been using some of your "thought of the day" pics in my own posts. I'll be sure to start crediting them properly from now on :)

  3. i feel the same way. soon, our entire apartment will be full of her art work. we are obsessed with her. we already have 6 prints and her 2010 calendar which we plan on cutting and framing after the year is over!


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