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The weather is finally starting to release us from it's heat and humidity death-grip in NYC, and the back to school buzz is in the air. Even though I've long been out of school, I'm daydreaming about backpacks and totes to carry books. I can't help myself, backpacks are getting cooler and cooler lately, so you don't need the school excuse to carry one anymore. They're perfect for bumming around the city or pretending to be Tim Riggins' girlfriend at Dillon High. Hey shut up, I said I was daydreaming...

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-Kate Miss

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  1. Hahaha... My boyfriend (who, by the way, is the one who makes ME watch friday night lights) always bicker about the merits of Tim Riggins. I always say if I had a daughter, I would never let her date Tim Riggins.

  2. love all the backpacks and the FNL reference (um, the most amazing show on television--am I right or am I right??!!)

  3. i love backpacks ... i just ordered one from baggu, 'love their clean&simple design ... and they are made of recycled cotton ...


  4. tim riggins. swoon. if lusting after a fictional west texas footballer/tortured soul is wrong, then i don't wanna be right...

  5. I love using backpacks, especially when I travel. It's the perfect carry on because you still have your hands free to handle your luggage, tickets, and all of those magazines I insist on carrying for the plane ride.


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