apparel & accessories collection : black and gold.

I know that it's more of a winter color combination, but I think black and gold is going to be worn by yours truly a whole lot this fall. It's just such a classic.

1. Golden Garland Dress ($67.99), 2. Beaded Ribbon Collar ($40), 3. Lace Wrap Cuff ($28), 4. Mixed Gold Sequined Skirt ($374), 5. Gold Revealed Flats ($98), 6. SHE IS YOUR GUIDE ($120), 7. Chunky Metallic Ring ($3.80), and 8. Sweet Jamz Dress in DJ ($104.99)


  1. i absolutely need those shoes, i have never seen anything like them before! sooo lovely

  2. I just love black and gold and am happy the combo is popular this season. Great finds!

  3. Love this combination - so elegant! And now I have that Sam Sparro song stuck in my head... (:

  4. Lovely collection. I especially adore the golden hues in the outfits.


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