apparel & accessories collection : lovely oldies.

Ah, me and vintage clothing... we have a love affair, we do. I am always enamored with pretty old things.

1. vintage 1970's LEATHER professor patch TWEED jacket ($82), 2. Vintage Blue Cat Eye Eyeglasses or Sunglasses Winged ($118), 3. vintage 1950s DELISO DEBS cherry red pumps ($175), 4. vintage 1970's PRIMARY ties colorblock skirt ($28), 5. vintage 1950s LOOKING GLASS dress ($88), 6. Mink Bow Netted Fascinator ($30), 7. 5 a Day - Strawberry, Apple, Cherry, Peach & Pear (£7.75), and 8. 1950s Vintage Party Dress ($125)


  1. loving these dresses ... thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your FINDS - the 1950's dress has MY name on it :)

  3. i have been obsessed with vintage glasses lately. there are a few etsy sellers that specialize in mid-century eye glasses and they are SO pretty. why don't they make glasses quite as pretty these days??


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