collections : cocktail hour.

It is probably due to all of the old movies and Mad Men I have been watching lately, but I am voting for cocktail hour to make a comeback. Who agrees?

1. Test Tube Shot Set ($14), 2. Drinks tray (£12), 3. Celebrity 7-pc. Satin Bar Set ($19.99), 4. How To Mix Drinks ($19.95), 5. Drinking Glasses (£15), 6. Matsuri Saki Set ($48.99), 7. Heather Lins Home Numbered Edition Coasters ($66-$110), and 8. Rocking Whiskey Glasses ($29.95)


  1. Love the rocking whiskey glasses. I've been leaning towards "bar gear" as a nice present for the hubs. Thanks for the post.

  2. Those coasters are so cute...love anything with vintagey typography on it. Great find!


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