arden wray.

First of all, I am quite sorry for the quiet on here the past few days. Halloween weekend was darn busy, especially with one of my closest friends in town, and yesterday I needed a whole day to actually get some rest. But now I am feeling much better and more alert, so bring on the rest of the week!

Second, how lovely are these photographs by Arden Wray for Victoire's Fall/Winter collection? So soft and pretty, and that model has that oh-so-charming Zooey thing going on.


  1. I was about to say- she looks a lot like Zoey! And seriously, I am absolutely loving the hat/jacket/blue eyes combo. So soft and sophisticated.

  2. Its true about the zoeey sytle :) nice photos

  3. thanks so much for the post! xo

  4. Yeah - not to sound like a broken record but i thought it was Zooey too! Beautiful images. And I have such a hat obsession at the moment!


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