collections : snow white.

With December a mere two days away, I am yearning to see Portland covered in a blanket of snow. Crossing my fingers for a very white winter...

1. Cream Beaded Cape (£32), 2. Menagerie Prowling Cat in White by Jonathan Adler ($135), 3. Holga Bent Corners 35mm Camera ($48), 4. Dreams' Projections ($90), 5. k studio Round Face Male Pillow - White ($124), 6. Dobby Pintuck Nightshirt (£59), 7. Clear Bubble Umbrella - White ($18), and 8. Antique White Trim Tree ($30)


  1. white *__* I want the camara

  2. <3 that umbrella, and I love white christmas trees.

    I also want it to snow in Portland, but no ice please!

  3. I've always wanted a white christmas tree but never seem to get one! I need to change that one of these years


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