a kitchen gallery.

One of my favorite things when redecorating my home (which I am in the process of right now) is figuring out the art to go on the walls of each room. Today I am working on the kitchen, a place where I want to be spending more time in, but I am realizing that none of the illustrations and photography prints I own seem to work right in there. And so, I am dreaming of a wall of perfect food-related kitchen art that I could look at every day while baking, cooking, and drinking my coffee. I think a collection is in the making...

1. Tea Revives You - Red (£18), 2. A Good Egg is Hard to Find Print 8x10 ($16), 3. Chocolat Print ($60), 4. Maxine ($250), 5. Heather Amuny-Dey Apple Bird Print ($40), 6. Cupcake equation Print 8 x 11.5 ($20), and 7. Lumberjack Breakfast. Limited edition 11x14 print by Matte Stephens ($45)


  1. what a great selection of prints! i think they'll look amazing on your wall!

  2. I love the cupcake equation .....

  3. Love the Good Egg print from black apple XD

  4. Thanks a lot for including my illustration among those beautiful creations! :)

  5. I got this T-Shirt design on a poster and hung it in my kitchen: http://www.threadless.com/product/783/Inside_You

    It's the most inappropriately appropriate decoration I've got.


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