accessories collection : for your hair.

Now that I am back to having Jean Seberg hair again, I am on the search for pretty and unique accessories to spruce it up a bit. These are some of my favorites, though I think that cat one just might take the cake.

1. Ethel Headband ($17.99), 2. Jean feather and satin headband ($125), 3. Cross Stitch Barrette Band ($15), 4. Lovely Butterfly Hair Clip ($7), 5. Giant Gold Bow (£20), 6. Mini Heartlette Crown ($35), and Cat Fight Headband ($40)


  1. I am hair accessory obsessed. I never realized how much I would miss wearing all of them or how different they would look till I started growing out my hair.

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  2. the feathered headband is great, i just bought a feathered bun clip on etsy from a dear friend of mine. so chic.

  3. Yes. I need to have that cat ribbon hair thing. You know it.

  4. they're all beautiful


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